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Enchanted Elements


Pronunciation: 'man-tik
Function: adjective
Etymology: Greek mantikos, from mantis: of or relating to the faculty of divination: prophetic


Thank you for visiting the Ee website, residence of Readings by Cynthia. This site is dedicated to divination and its related arts.

Divination is the ability to see patterns in the universal design. It is an Akashic set of† keys to unlock a portion of the great mystery and a guide to help us flourish in a joyful process. These powerful clues enable us to experience life in itís fullest and to keep us on track

On our site you will find both local and online options. Our expert Tarot Readings by Cynthia are available online and locally, in written or oral form. All readings are private and personal.

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Coming soon will be a catalogue of distinctive Arts and Crafts from gifted artisans.

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